A Family-Friendly Victorian Bathroom Remodel

Is your archaic bathroom cramping your busy modern lifestyle? Think outside the box by moving walls as needed to incorporate borrowed space from elsewhere. Take a cue from this family-friendly Victorian bathroom remodel. The owners of this historic home in Arlington, Massachusetts, loved their home’s architectural details, but were unhappy with the existing configuration of their tiny master bathroom and the children’s bathroom.

Victorian Bathroom

Photo: John Horner

Reallocate Existing Space

Prior to renovations, the master bathroom was actually smaller than the children’s bathroom. In this award-winning Victorian bathroom remodel, Feinmann Design/Build took space from the kids’ bath, as well as an existing hall closet, and added it to the master bath. What resulted was a sleek reallocation of the space.

“This allowed the master bathroom’s ‘borrowed space’ to blossom into an airy, gracious washing alcove,” says Peter Feinmann, founder and president of Feinmann, Inc.

practical and beautiful storage

An open arch was built between the vanity and toilet alcove providing practical and beautiful storage. Opposite: The shower space was taken from an existing hall closet to expand the footprint of the master bath. Stunning tile work makes this a shower anyone would want to use. (Photo: John Horner)

Preserve Charming Historic Elements

When renovating, Feinmann retained particular elements in the existing bathroom that reflect the home’s historic charm and worked them into the design. In both bathrooms, two existing oval windows could not be eliminated since the home was a historically designated Victorian. The homeowners and designer incorporated these windows in the new layout. In the new children’s bath, the oval window in the shower was encased with a marble frame and glass to avoid water damage. In the master bathroom, the toilet alcove with a new eco-friendly low-flow toilet was centered around the other oval window.

The hall bath

The hall bath is long and narrow, but provides plenty of space for active children. The historic oval window was preserved in the shower. (Photo: John Horner)

Checklist for Family-Friendly Victorian Bathroom Remodel

• Mirrors: Use sleek mirrors such as the Affina oval mirror. It is light and bright and does not weigh down the space.

• Stretch the space: Is there a nearby closet that can be incorporated into your space planning? Hallway space? Bedroom space?

• A tile rug: Feinmann created the look of the tile rug with Ann Sacks Opera Mosaic in an oval pattern. The remainder of the floor in the master bathroom is Carrera marble as is the countertop.

• Low-flow toilet: Replace the old water-hogging toilet and with a low-flow version, such as those by Toto used in this home.

• Storage: Include smart storage that blends in with your home’s period look. For instance, incorporate an historic architectural element, such as an arch, that can be used for built-in storage or open shelving. Or opt for furniture-like cabinetry; in the master bathroom, the vanity was made by Showplace Cabinetry, but Feinmann custom designed the legs to make it look more like a piece of furniture in keeping with the style of the Victorian home.

Written by Kandice Bridges

Photography by John Horner



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