Bathroom Decor Idea: Easy DIY Shower Curtain

When Carrie Rigsby and her husband Chris remodeled their Victorian home’s guest bathroom, she stumbled upon a simple bathroom decor idea–a no-sew shower curtain. Whether you have a specific design in mind or you don’t want to fork out a huge amount of money for a high-end shower curtain, try Carrie Rigsby’s ingenious trick to make your own shower curtain in 4 easy steps.

Before: After demolishing the shower/tub, Carrie and Chris Rigsby installed cement board and waterproofed with Red Guard to prepare for installing the new tile. (Photo: Carrie Rigsby)

What you’ll need:

Two flat bed sheets

About six yards of fancy trim

Fabric glue

A double shower rod.


After: Homeowners Carrie and Chris Rigsby installed gorgeous molding, which complemented the original hexagonal floor tiles. The cross-handled sink faucet adds a vintage flair to the classy Calcutta gold marble countertop.
Having also rebuilt the shower/tub, restained the vanity and hung their personalized no-sew shower curtain, Carrie and Chris have a guest bathroom that is as inviting to use as it was inexpensive to create. (Photo: Carrie Rigsby)


What you’ll do:

1. Cut tabs in the top hem of the sheet, allowing about 2 inches per tab and spacing the tabs about 5 inches apart. Simply cut two vertical parallel slits to create each tab. Repeat for the other flat sheet.

2. Cut the trim into two equal halves (one length of trim for each bed sheet). For the trim, you can use wide ribbon or any other type of fabric trim that catches your eye.

3. Adhere the trim to the edge of each panel using fabric glue. The trim will go on the opposite side of the bed sheet as the tabs.

4. Hang the double shower rod, and then hang the curtain panels on the outer rod. Simply thread the rod through the tabs you cut into the top hems of the bed sheets. Hang a plastic shower curtain liner on the inner rod.

And viola! For under $10, you’ve taken advantage of a great bathroom decor idea to personalize your bathroom–and you didn’t even have to break out the sewing kit!


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Written by Sarah Terry

Photographed by Carrie Rigsby of Hazardous Design


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