Bathroom Decor Idea: Easy Mirror Makeover

You don’t have to demolish your entire bathroom and stick to a strict theme to make your DIY remodel look amazing. Often, if you know how to personalize a piece you already have–even if it’s in another room in your house–you’ll discover that, transformed into something new, said piece will make all the difference to your bathroom decor.

Take home decor bloggers Carrie and Chris Rigsby‘s guest bathroom as an example. When Carrie Rigsby spied an old vanity mirror that the previous owner used in the downstairs bathroom, she knew that with its great shape, the mirror would be perfect for her guest bathroom decor. To transform it, she used a simple silver leafing technique that’s easy for you to try at home.

Before Carrie and Chris Rigsby remodeled their guest bathroom, the old room was aching for a redo, from the 1990s wallpaper to the 1980s-style fixtures. In addition to restaining the cabinetry and replacing the countertop and faucet, they spruced up the vanity area by replacing the dated three-pane mirror with a home-made, silver-leaf mirror and a wall-mounted, accordion-style make-up mirror. (Photo: Carrie Rigsby)

What you’ll need: 

Vintage mirror

Wood filler


Dark grey paint

Paint brushes

Spray adhesive

A book of silver leaf

Wax paper

Spray sealer

Fine-grit sandpaper


What you’ll do: 

1. Plug any holes in the frame with wood filler.

2. Cover the mirror face with newspaper to protect it.

3. Apply a basecoat of dark gray paint to the frame; this serves as the under layer. Allow the base coat to dry.

4. Spray the area you want to silver leaf with spray adhesive.

5. Remove a sheet of leaf from the book by carefully placing the sheet on top of a piece of wax paper.

6. Place the leaf on top of the desired area and press it down to adhere it to the frame.

7. Brush to smooth out the silver leafing, and then remove any excess leaf.

8. Seal the frame, applying a spray sealer.

Tip: If you want a more distressed, aged look (similar to Carrie and Chris’ mirror), sand the frame lightly with fine-grit sandpaper before sealing it. Sanding the frame will reveal more of the dark gray paint beneath the leafing.


For more great bathroom decor ideas from Carrie and Chris Rigsby, click here. Have any great bathroom decor projects of your own that you’d love to share, or any questions about how to make your bathroom unique and personalized? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.


Written by Sarah Terry

Photography by Carrie Rigsby of Hazardous Design



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