Your Checklist for an Age-in-Place Bathroom Design

Just as dark chocolate is sensuous and salutary, your master bath can be both fantastic and functional—now and for decades to come. With wide walkways and various grips along the walls, this bathroom design is perfect for a couple embracing a new stage of life: the age of grandchildren.

Bathroom Design

Warm wood leads into the cool colors of the master bath, which give it a serene atmosphere. A Palladian window creates a stunning focal point (Photo: Pete Weigley).

When you undertake an age-in-place bathroom design to indulge your golden years, here are six things Catherine Knight says you’ll want to keep in mind:

• Changeable décor: Most bathroom décor is meant to be permanent: tile, lighting, and fixtures. But a rubber-backed bathmat or rug can be a vibrant, versatile focal point.

• A wide walkway: A wheelchair-friendly floor plan ensures ease into the golden years.

• Mirrors: Bathroom mirrors are naturally upstaged by the reflected image, so choose elegant oval mirrors that are lovely but not distracting.

Two sinks sit on each side of the room, which gives both occupants their own workspace and toiletry storage. A linen cabinet tucked into the corner provides even more storage space. The long rubber-backed rug adds a pop of color while creating a slip-free environment (Photo: Pete Weigley).

• Tile: Inexpensive tiles are just as effective as expensive ones. Save your wallet and switch out dreams of marble with porcelain and ceramic, since any material can look illustrious when arranged well.

• Linen cabinet: A tall, thin linen cabinet takes up very little floor space and adds maximum storage, Knight notes. She added not one, but two to the master bath.

• Shaving shelf: Covered in the same polished tile as the walls, this shelf juts out of the shower’s corner at the perfect height for a leg up. It adds comfort, ease and safety by steadying you as you shave. Either built in or added on, it is an inexpensive addition.


A small firm that provides additions, renovations and new constructions, Knight Architects approaches each project holistically. “We look at the overall structure of the home and all the spaces,” Catherine Knight says. For more information, visit


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Written by Sarah Yoon

Styled by Arlene Ruth of Kite Interior Design

Photographed by Pete Weigley



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