Expert Advice for Age-In-Place Bathroom Design

Created by Catherine Knight for a couple determined to age in place, this gracious bathroom design features both easy flow for maneuvering safely and safety measures, such as grips, honed marble tiles and flush framing, Knight says.

Bathroom Design

Photo: Pete Weigley

Safety First

Grips are often the first consideration, and Knight’s bathroom design contains many of them. The marble counters have a lipped edge, and towel racks on either side of the bathtub may assist as well. Chair railing lines half the room, with a broad edge to steady oneself if needed. Though the walkways are wide, these invaluable elements remain within reach.

However, grips are only the beginning steps to peace of mind. The bath’s safety measures also include specially selected marble tiles to help avoid slips. Knight says that the floor tiles are honed rather than polished like the wall tiles. She also chose smaller tiles for more grout space. “As you get in the shower, you have more of a mosaic on the floor,” Knight adds, “so that way it’s really not slippery.” The more grout, the less possibility of slips. It’s both brilliant and beautiful.

In the shower, safety measures reach even further. “We made the shower almost flush to ease entrance and exit,” Knight says, so that the step into the shower is nearly nil. “With the new construction, we could drop the framing underneath the shower to create a flush. You can’t always do that in existing homes.” Even if you construct a new bathroom, this feature requires extra work and planning. But it becomes especially difficult in a simple renovation, because the house framing is already set. “You have to start with an architect to figure out how to manage the renovation,” Knight explains. If you alter the foundation of your house for the sake of safety, she hopes that an expert is at hand to guide you through the process. Whatever adjustments you make, you’ll find that equipping your master bath with every safety measure will be worth it.


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Written by Sarah Yoon

Styled by Arlene Ruth of Kite Interior Design

Photography by Pete Weigley




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