12 Bathroom and Bedroom Design Tips

Is your master suite in desperate need of a redo? Here are 12 expert bathroom and bedroom design tips from acclaimed interior designer Jamie Herzlinger:

bedroom design

For Jamie, this guest room began to take shape when she found the rug, which reminded her of a work by one of her favorite 1960s painters. (Photo: Werner Segarra)

Bedroom Design Tips:

1. Prioritize comfort. “There’s nothing more luxurious than getting into an all-white bed at the end of the day,” Jamie says. Eschew decorative coverlets and shams, investing instead in soft, white fabrics with a high thread count.

2. Arrange your bed so it faces the doorway. “Where’s the drama in climbing into the side of the bed?” Jamie laughs. “Your mattress, bedframe and bedding could cost a fortune; why not play it up?”

3. Know how you’ll use the space. Ask yourself will you actually sit in a sitting area? Do you watch TV in bed? Do you savor looking out your window at your mountain view the second you wake up? Are you, like Jamie, an iPad addict who needs an available outlet next to the bed?

4. Mix formal and functional elements. “I love to pair a chandelier with a simple bedside lamp. The subtly textured lamp offsets the chandelier’s drama and provides more targeted lighting.”

5. Use metallics with caution. Since metallic pieces can easily weigh down a bedroom, Jamie suggests incorporating white, mirrored furniture if you want the added texture of metal in your bedroom.

6. Remember the rest of the house. To foster a sense of serenity, your bedroom should flow in and out of the surrounding rooms.

7. Splurge on the guest room. “Think of it as the house’s jewel box. It’s a miniature version of your formal living room—the place where you sit on holidays to entertain your guests. Decorate your extra bedroom so that your guests feel like they’ve walked into a four-star hotel,” Jamie recommends.


Photo: Laura Moss

Bathroom Design Tips:

8. Make your tub your centerpiece. “Throwing a tub in the middle of the room is very sexy. Even if you don’t have the time to take a bath, you can look at it and wish you could.”

9. Hide your clutter. For the ultimate spa feel, install sufficient storage on your bathroom’s side wall so that the evidence of real life is out of sight.

10. Keep the master bath neutral. “Are you comfortable getting naked in a bright blue bathroom?” Jamie laughs. “Decorate with colors that don’t compete with you. For a feminine look, use delicate white; for a masculine look, dramatic wood.”

11. Opt for drama in the powder room. You duck into your powder room to freshen up, not to relax. So play up colors, patterns and textures to create a vibrant, energizing space.

12. Use natural light, which is more relaxing and more flattering than artificial light. Choose and place sconces so that they complement your bathroom’s natural light as opposed to overwhelming it.

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Written by Elaine K. Phillips

Photographed by Werner Segarra and Laura Moss


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