5 More Ways to Create a Cottage-Style Bedroom

We all want the charm of a cottage without its inherent drawbacks such as cramped, dark rooms and lack of privacy. This is a good thing, since it means that the cottage look can be created whether you live in a two-room apartment or a coastal mansion. Certain design elements can capture the feeling of a cottage as it resides in our imagination, not as a direct replication of something that literally exists; here are 5 more ways you can add cottage charm to your bedroom this spring.


spring cottage bedroom

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1. Paint your walls a warm hue: Creating warmth in your room starts with a wall color that evokes the dappled hues of an English garden. Think robin’s-egg blue or butter yellow. Wallpaper patterns of clambering roses or spilling bouquets also work wonderfully. A cottage is about comfort, and it is also about celebrating the gifts of an abundant natural world.

2. Blur the lines between “indoors” and “outdoors”: Cottage dwellers made up for their cramped quarters in spring and summer, when their beloved gardens beckoned. Dutch doors at the front entrance preserved a dignified barrier on the bottom while opening joyously to the outside world at the top. Today’s French doors provide a wonderful “transparent” portal between indoors and out, preferably opening to a sweet courtyard or garden adjacent to the bedroom.

3. Include outdoor motifs: If your room seems removed from nature, look for other ways to build a bridge. Incorporating plenty of floral or other natural motifs such as birds or insects in your chosen textiles will do the trick. Play up whatever windows you have with window treatments that both let the sunshine in and have a glow all their own. Consider transparent panels topped with a billowing valence that’s fun, but not too fancy. Shutters are also the perfect cottage detail.

4. Incorporate Victorian elements: The chintz fabrics and soft textures we associate with cottage style have their roots in the English country style developed in the mid-1800s. So marry Victorian elements with your favorite cottage ones, such as a wrought-iron four-poster bed surrounded by lots of fabrics, fringes and needlework. A small, antique vanity can be complemented by a lush, pillow topped bench made by the homeowner.

5. Indulge your love for roses: Roses go hand-in-hand with cottage dreams, so use them with abandon in your own room. Sprinkled with climbing roses, the walls of a yellow bedroom embrace a pastoral feel. Dark wood floors and antique furniture emphasize a cottage sensibility.

Filled with gentle light, favorite things and an abundance of cheerful fabrics, your cottage bedroom will surround you with good things, past and present.


by Erika Kotite




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