5 Tips to a Luxurious Bedroom

More expert bedroom decor advice from master collector Pandora de Balthazar, owner of Antique European Linens.


Luxurious Bedroom

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B&B: What are your top 5 tips to use textiles to enhance the luxury of a bed and bath?

Pandora: Textiles can provide visual beauty, depth and privacy, and create interest in rooms that often are full of fixtures that seem to take priority. Cafe curtains create a soft realm of privacy, yet bring light into a room.

To keep my body cool and my sleep uninterrupted, bedding has to be light, yet warm; soft, yet, cool. My all-down mattress pad makes the bed sleep (and look) like a million dollars.

I use only a top sheet and an uncovered duvet. So, for show, I take my most beautiful but lightweight textile to use as a daytime blanket cover.

I drape my most important pieces where I see them when I awaken.

I take gently used textiles to make bed skirts, cafe curtains, pillow shams, or sheet shams to continue their lifeline.

I cover upholstered beds with textiles, easily changing a room from contemporary to ethnic, light to dark, summer to winter, or neutral to colorful.


B&B: When creating this rich and textured atmosphere, what is most often overlooked?

Pandora: For me, the most often overlooked part of the bedroom is the inside of the bed–the infrastructure! Most people spend more money on the decorative pillows and throws than on the items that support and comfort.


B&B: There is a certain decadence to fine linens and textiles that makes decorating with them so satisfying. For someone on a budget or just getting brave enough to splurge, where are the best places to begin?

Pandora: As my mother always said, if you can have only one dress, make it the best one you can buy.

In the order of importance:

Down-mattress pad and sleeping system, topped with a light duvet to control temperature.

Cover with two fitted sheets of the highest thread count.

A top sheet, preferably 1,000 thread count, but anything 600 and better is good by me. IT should make you feel caressed. Nothing else is worth your money.

Then, top with a voile or batiste coverlet or a lace, cutwork or openwork blanket cover that allows it to breathe. Fresh linen,fresh air and sunshine at least twice a week take a tiny budget a very long way.

Then, pick either your window or your bed, and add some lace–its depth and beauty is incredible, sparkling in the light.

Most of all, create a budget and seek a professional who truly knows bedding and textiles, and will learn who you are and what your tactile values are. They can assist in selecting pieces that will fit your lifestyle, your pocket book and, most of all, the enjoyment your body and mind deserve.


by Jickie Torres




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