5 Tips to Creating a Cottage-Style Bedroom

The timeless appeal of cottage style is both comforting and beautiful–especially a small bedroom. Here are 5 ways to create a cottage-style bedroom.

1. Opt for a smaller bed: The overriding goal in cottage style is a sense of coziness. Smaller rooms and scaled-down furnishings create a fairy-tale feeling–they touch the child in all of us. If your bedroom is small, you can make the most of it by settling for a full- or queen-size bd instead of a king. A larger room may house a king-size bed, but bank it with layers of color and pattern, along with plenty of pillows, to pull up its cozy quotient. Headboards of painted wood or fanciful wrought iron are good choices as the room’s anchor.


Cottage Style Bedroom

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2. Choose cozy flooring: The floors of a cottage are often imagined as wide-plank pine or oak, but even if your preference is a soft wall-to-wall carpet, you can add the cottage touch with a perfect area rug. A rag rug is a homey choice, or you can go a bit more elegant with a needlepoint rug. Perfect matching is not what cottage style is about–let a variety of patterns and palettes live harmoniously together!

3. Consider a faux fireplace: In olden times, a cottage was often a single room where families ate, lived and slept. For them, the fireplace was the nucleus that offered warmth, food and light to read by. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom, consider adding the suggestion of one, and go faux. All it takes is a pre-made mantel, available in many home decor catalogs as well as antique shops and home improvement stores. Just for fun, you can paint a glowing fire on the enclosed wall or place a vintage firescreen in front.

4. Include upcycled furniture: Simple painted furniture and small-scale antiques are the way to go for your dresser, vanity and nightstand. Remember that cottage living is all about making the best of what you have; family pieces or things that seem comforting and familiar should play an important role in your room.

5. Display vintage collectibles: Collectibles are right at home in the cottage room; feel free to showcase your treasures on shelves, cabinets and walls. Surround your headboard with an arc of treasured transferware–line up your favorite milk glass pieces along the mantel. Group them pleasingly, without too much fuss; remember that “matching” and “symmetry” are two concepts that don’t necessarily apply to cottage living.

Remember: throughout your bedroom, use lots of vintage pieces and plenty of soft fabrics to capture the cottage look.


by Erika Kotite



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