5 Steps to Retro-Chic Bedroom Decor

This room is unexpectedly balanced—angular yet soft, metallic yet earthy, Eastern yet retro, masculine yet feminine. If you’re crafting a bedroom decor for two people or even different sides of yourself, here’s a step-by-step recipe for contrasts that harmonize beautifully together.

This bedroom’s many opposing personalities explore the possibilities of visual aesthetics. Experiment in your own home by pushing as far as you dare from the passe median with five key elements of a room’s decor: textures, lighting, patterns, shapes and colors (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gordon Studios).

Follow these 5 steps to get this perfectly balanced look in your bedroom decor:

1. Textures: Los Angeles interior designer Elizabeth Gordon has touched every surface with natural and metallic textures, from the ribbed area rug to the glistening, etched ceiling.

• Textiles: Gathered drapes along the back wall contrast with the sleek window treatment’s horizontal pleats, and the smooth chenille throw with the nearby snakeskin pillow. The comforter’s subtle checkered stitching gives the bed a pillow-top feel, echoed by the puffy pillows and the tufted headboard.

• Natural and metallic materials: Flanking the mirrored four-poster bed, the warm wood nightstand and desk frame the cold metallic elements, shifting them visually toward the center of the room. Other silver pieces—the vase, abstract chair and table and window seat drawer pulls—only send the eye back to the mirrored bed.

2. Lighting: For a warm ambiance, a bedroom’s light sources must be carefully controlled. While the fabric blinds regulate the natural light, the pendant paper orbs provide a balanced soft light. The retro Sputnik chandelier’s symmetrical shape adds a funky yet sophisticated vibe.

3. Patterns: Gordon juxtaposed timeless patterns with retro prints, coupling pinstripes and Chevron pillows with graphic, abstract wall art to create a subtle blend of old and new.

4. Shapes: Angles and circles never compete for attention, due to the pendant globes and Sputnik chandelier’s spherical lights that artfully flank the rectangular bedframe.

5. Colors: Even neutrals can contrast if you break fashion rules and pair taupe with gray. If Gordon had chosen more vibrant colors, the stark contrast would have overwhelmed the space. Instead, the warm and cool tones stay washed out, allowing the white bed to take center stage and the brown drapes and gray upholstery to fade into the background.


For more bedroom decor ideas from designer Elizabeth Gordon, visit her website.


Written by Bethany Amanda Miller

Photography courtesy of Elizabeth Gordon Studios



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