Your Dream Bedroom Decor in 4 Steps, Part 1

Have you ever been inspired to buy a bright, new bedspread, only to be disappointed that your purchase didn’t create the dream bedroom you wanted?

When making over an outdated, mismatched bedroom, some people know right where to begin. But most of us don’t. Meet Jamie Herzlinger, an interior designer who knows where to start. And she doesn’t begin with a centerpiece like a bold bed, or even with a color palette. When it comes to the key elements of great bedroom decor, the first and most important one is you.

“To create a room you’ll love, you have to take the time to get to know yourself—your emotions, your wardrobe, your lifestyle,” Jamie says. “Only once you know yourself can you choose colors and textures and begin to design your space.”

Layers of luxurious white bedding and draperies give this master bedroom a sense of lavish comfort, while the crystal chandelier and fresh, long-stemmed flowers add an elegant flair. (Photo: Werner Segarra)

Key Element #1: You

First step? Know thyself.

Create your own “life questionnaire” to discern your design style. Are you a people person who’s always entertaining large parties, or a homebody who periodically has one friend over for coffee? Is your go-to outfit stilettos and designer jeans, or a sea-blue sundress and flip-flops?

Once you know what makes you feel good, you can create bedroom decor that evokes your desired emotion.

“Comfort is always the driving force in design,” Jamie says. “Make your home that little black dress, that place where you’re always comfortable and at your best.”

Photo: Werner Segarra

Key Element #2: The Floor

Next, you can quite literally lay the foundations for your room by choosing your floor. “Always start with the floor and work your way up,” Jamie says. “Since your floor is the largest single blank surface you have to work with, use a strong floor to set the tone for the whole room.”

Whether you’re starting from scratch or redesigning, choose flooring that takes advantage of your best opportunity to imprint your desired emotion on your space. Give your master bedroom a simple, plush, off-white carpet to create a luxurious, romantic setting. Install foot-by-foot square stone tile in a diagonal pattern to give your bathroom an elegant Old World look. If you’re redesigning, select an area rug with a bold pattern you love in neutral colors and a neat texture. In any case, make sure you choose a neutral color palette and textured pattern you can reuse throughout your bedroom or bath.

We’ll share the final two key elements of bedroom decor in our next post, here.


By Elaine K. Phillips


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