Your Dream Bedroom Decor in 4 Steps, Part 2

Acclaimed interior designer Jamie Herzlinger has spilled to us the four key elements to perfectly personalized bedroom decor. We recently shared the first two key elements, and here we share the final two:

Your Dream Bedroom Decor

Photo: Laura Moss

Key Element #3: The Walls

Once you’ve got your perfect floor, it’s time to take advantage of Jamie’s best-kept design secret: Whatever you did for your floor, do the exact inverse on your walls. For example, if you laid chocolate brown carpet with turquoise swirls in your bedroom, find wallpaper in pale turquoise with a similar pattern in light brown.

By inversing your floor’s pattern on your walls, you add another layer to your bedroom decor that reinforces the emotion you want in a way that feels natural.

“It’s like when you see a blond whose colorist has highlighted her hair very well—she has two lowlights and one warmer beige hue. Together, the layers create a natural look,” Jamie points out. “Do the same in your home: Layer patterns on your floor and walls very subtly to create natural texture.”

But if subtly patterned, neutral wallpaper doesn’t conjure the vibrant emotions you’re looking for, opt for an accent wall in your favorite color and an interesting texture.

“Just painting a wall red will give you Christmas and not much else,” Jamie cautions. “But a jewel-red wall done with Venetian plaster and a very high-gloss paint can stand on its own and adds drama and fascination to your bedroom. You can repeat its texture throughout your room, playing on its color and natural patterns.”

Photo: Laura Moss

Key Element #4: The Centerpiece

While a strong floor and subtle walls lay the foundation for a room’s emotion, the fact remains that you don’t notice them first when you step into a room. The first thing you notice, even subconsciously, is the furniture’s layout.

“First impressions are so important,” Jamie says. No matter what emotion you want to evoke, she advises arranging your room so that the first thing you see when you walk in the door is a centerpiece that evokes a sense of fantasy.

“You never want daily life to be front and center,” Jamie notes. “You don’t want to walk into a bathroom and stare at your sink because your life—your mouthwash, soap, toothbrush, lotions—is all over your counter.” So anchor your room on a dramatic centerpiece such as a bathtub or bed to give your room’s emotion an underscore of fantasy.

When you design your bedroom decor, Jamie suggests keeping in mind the old math adage: The whole is no greater than the sum of its parts. Your new bed- or bathroom will draw its appeal from the well-layered colors and textures that work together to make the space look its absolute best, and to make you feel you’re always at your best.

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Written by Elaine K. Phillips
Photographed by Laura Moss

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