Design Coach: Retro Beach Cottage Bedroom

An eclectic blend of decor can work if you choose what you like and then run with it. The key to creating modern rooms with vintage finds is deciding what styles and colors work for you.


Decide on a color palette before you begin. In her master bedroom, homeowner Sue Jackson chose one main color, bright blue, and grounded the room with neutral-colored flooring. Her main accent color, red, was repeated throughout the room, helping to tie all of the elements together.


Determine your lifestyle then choose items that make sense with how you live. For instance, you may not want to invest in a delicate collectible if it’s likely to be damaged in an active household.


Take your time, and let your home evolve throughout the years.


Vintage beach artwork echos the theme of the bedding and other accessories. The vintage glider sofa is upholstered in tropical bark-cloth cushions.



How to Decorate With Collectibles


Don’t be afraid to use your collections. Remember that they’ve survived all these years with daily use.


Sue used an antique shelving unit as her headboard and stores mementos from the shore upon its ledges.


Tailor your displays for the needs of your collectibles. For instance, place vintage paper decorations in a glass display cabinet. You get to enjoy them, and they remain protected.


Make collections meaningful, and display them where you can see ”and enjoy” them.


Group like collections together. Use shelves and cabinets to contain your treasures. To keep a room from looking too busy or disorganized, display items in thoughtful arrangements.


The romantic bath is composed of painted beadboard, an antique claw-foot tub and a vintage chandelier. The shelf above the tub is made from a plank from an old boardwalk.


Don’t crowd spaces. It’s okay not to display all of your collections at the same time; rotating what you have keeps a room looking fresh.


Written by Jickie Torres

Photography by JaimeeItagaki



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